The (Dessert) Menu - S'mores

This installment of The Menu rounds out our week of black, white and gold. Ok, so it is a BIT of a stretch, but with the weekend quickly approaching, we offer you a tribute to the ultimate summer dessert - the s'more - aka ooey-gooey goodness made from three simple ingredients. ElizabethFortune_Smores_ClassicPerfect for groups large or small, s'mores seem to bring out the kid in everyone and are great for parties. Package them up individually for guests or create a delectable display. S'more "pops" are also party-friendly when there is no campfire to be found.



S'mores even have their own special cooking tools. Here are some both fun and functional roasting skewers available via Sur La Table, Dick's Sporting Goods, Williams-Sonoma, and Terrain...

ElizabethFortune_Smores_ToolsThe classic summer s'more has even inspired some sweet and sophisticated spin-offs. These s'more cupcakes by Annie of Annie's Eats make us salivate just looking at them. That perfect toasty brulee on top - wowza. And then Helene of Tartelette has created these delicate chocolate-covered marshmallow and cookie morsels. These treats would make great gifts. Click links for recipes.


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